ExtMap is a geo framework
for web based applications.


What is ExtMap?

ExtMap is a kind of mashup framework built for ArcGIS Server Mashup Challenge - 2009 (ESRI Developer Summit 2009) and it is the winner of challenge. The name of framework for challenge is "Summit ExtMap", which is related to current ExtMap JS version.

ExtMap gets its name from the ExtJS JavaScript Library which is at the core of framework. User interface, communication and integration of other frameworks and all other JS stuff are handled by ExtJS. ExtJS can be seen as slower than other JS libraries due to its file size, but it has incrediable features and components makes development easier for developers and gives desktop-like user interface to end users with high usability.

As it is stated above, ExtMap is based on Ext JS library, Google Maps API, ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API, ArcGIS Server REST API and OpenLayers. The main goal of this framework is modularity. It can be seen as the primitive web version of ArcView. Layers, toolboxes and bookmarks are all configurable. All you can do is to edit JSON files for each module. You can also add services on the fly without adding any line of JavaScript code.

ExtMap has 3 different versions as ExtMap JS, ExtMap REST and ExtMap OL. The core is ExtJS at all, but the geo part is changing. You can choose the right version due to your needs.

All the codes are written in JavaScript except the proxy files. There is a need for proxy to enable cross-site scripting. The proxy files here is written in PHP and .NET, but you can change the proxy due to your needs. If you add other proxies, please send it to us and it will be added to next release.

ExtMap is mainly tested on Internet Explorer 7-8 and Firefox 3, but it is also working on other browsers like Chrome, Safari and Opera.

ExtMap is licensed under GPL v3.

You can view the video of framework below :