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Lets looked at the wishes/predictions for 2009 and results

December 24th, 2009 Comments off

Last year, I wrote a blog entry about the wishes/predictions for 2009. Before doing the same thing for 2010, I want to check the results 🙂 Lets do it :

Wish list/Predictions For Web and Geoweb in 2009 :

  • Google App Engine releases GIS extension for BigTable (NO)
  • Google App Engine adds PHP/Ruby/Perl support for Apps (Partial YES -> Java added 🙂 )
  • Google App Engine releases a desktop application to transfer data between data formats or servers (NO)
  • Google Maps adds Street View for Turkey (Not yet)
  • Google Maps adds Driving Directions for Turkey (a big YEEES)
  • ESRI releases the Offline Maps for ArcGIS Server (NO)
  • GMail adds Offline support (a big YEEES)
  • Community/ESRI adds ArcGIS Server API/support for OpenLayers (there are some possibilities from community, but not a fully supported) (YES, support come from community)

Result 4 NO,  3 YES and a partial YES. As a result, I’m not a good fortune teller 😀

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