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ArcIMS support for OpenLayers

April 13th, 2009 Comments off

Today, I’ve looked at OpenLayers examples and surprised about the new additions. Now, OpenLayers support ArcIMS layers. I know some people are moving to 9.3, but some are still preferring the IMS version due to its simplicity and performance. The best client for IMS is FlashIMS as far as I know, but now you can add your IMS layers to OpenLayers. This enhances the possibilities to add different layers to OpenLayers with IMS.

Examples of OpenLayers with IMS:

1- ArcIMS Example

2- ArcIMS Thematic Example

Thanks to developers of Avencia.

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Welcome to Google App Engine for Java!

April 8th, 2009 Comments off

Google announced the new features for Google App Engine (GAE), but the most important one is the support for Java. Java Developers can use GAE for their applications with small changes. (may be big changes due to datastore restrictions 🙂 )

10.000 developers can have an early access to GAE for Java through this link :

There are also additional feautures as :

This new announcement may lead to change in GIS area, like implementing the GeoServer for GAE or other 3th party GIS tools for GAE

Ext Core is announced!

April 6th, 2009 No comments

Good news for Ext Fans, according to post on Ext JS Blog :

As we approach the three year anniversary of the initial release of Ext, the Ext Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Ext Core 3.0 beta for download. Ext Core provides a cross-browser consistent API for performing the most common tasks in JavaScript development for web pages. Ext Core is released under a permissive MIT license – there is no cost to use Ext Core – it’s free for everyone.

Ext is mainly focused on desktop like applications on web and its file size is bigger than other libraries, but this file size has various advantages to make an desktop like application. My example for this kind of application is the “Summit ExtMap“. “Summit ExtMap” is a primitive web version of ArcView.  If you want to make much more simple application with Ext, it was very hard but now it is very easy with the help of Ext Core.

I’ getting a fan boy of Ext JS day by day 🙂


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Thank you for your votes

April 6th, 2009 Comments off

Please forgive me about this late post. I want to thanks everyone who voted for me at ESRI Developer Summit Mashup Challenge.  I hope all you like the “Summit ExtMap” mashup framework and use it in your projects.

The reason for this late post is “Summit ExtMap“, because I still working on framework to add some new features. The coming release will be seperated to 3 different versions as

  • Summit ExtMap (for ArcGIS JS API Extension for Google Maps)
  • Summit ExtMapRest (without ArcGIS JS API, works only with ArcGIS REST API and Google Maps API)
  • ExtOL (Ext JS with OpenLayers supporting ArcGIS REST API)

You can choose the version suited for you. Please do not hesitate to ask for questions, new features and bugs.


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