The importance of Geo Web Development

August 23rd, 2011
If you’re not usually reading up on the latest in geo web tech, then it’s likely you may still have some idea of the aim of those working in the field. In order to better share geographical data with one another, we are making use of software, the internet and the latest in communications and computational technology to bring this information to the maximum number of individual devices possible.

If you’ve ever used GPS to navigate to anywhere from a holiday destination to a friend’s house, you’re making use of global positioning satellites, and although those can be efficient, they largely rely on a constant connection with the network of sattelites themselves, which can be somewhat difficult when driving through tunnels or somewhere where the sky is not as accessible as it should be for the technology to work.

However, geo web developers are working on a number of web mapping programs that have revolutionised the way in which we look up any particular location. A great example of this would be taking out your O2 smartphone handset, booting up Google Maps, and taking a look at all the information that comes up. Using that web version of a map, you can access a colossal amount of information in a very short space of time, and navigate to your destination a lot more easily.

When combined with printers and the ability to take screenshots and save them to a mobile device, the potential of high-budget development projects like this is clear. Nevermind the web traffic such useful tool can generate – it’s the next step in geo web development, and it’s important that we continue to funnel resources into this particular field of software dev. You never know – you might look at the map system differently the next time you use it to find a street in Bejing.
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