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New year wishes…

December 31st, 2010 Comments off

It has been a great year for me and it is closing tonight 😀

I have been busy for a new project and I couldn’t find any time to write on blog but I hope it will worth for it.

Anyway, I want to say to all of you :  Happy new year and I wish all of your wishes come true 😉

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I’m back…

February 22nd, 2010 Comments off

After 6 months of military service, I’m back to my normal life. Especially I came back a month ago, but it takes time to get used to normal life 🙂

Anyway, military service was a big burden on my shoulders and now it is over. What about the future plans?

For now I’m planning a trip to USA for a job interview and I may change my continent within next months.

I also started to refresh my brain to get new version of Ext JS to improve ExtMap. Yes, you read correctly, I’ll continue to develop ExtMap, but this time, I will try a different way.  During my military service period, I saw some geo web applications which partially/completely uses ExtMap Framework, but they deleted credits part and sold it to their customers. I can’t understand why people are doing such things. I don’t want any money from them, just credits page.  Anyway, I’m working on that problem.

I have also plans to work on Google App Engine both for the web and geoweb, but I need time to understand the new approach to write applications on No-SQL platform. This approach may shape the scalibility of future web applications.

As a result, I’ll make a fresh start in my life and this gonna be awe…. (wait for it)….someeeeee 😀

PS : Thanks to Barney Stinson for his great catchphrases

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Becoming a “Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer”

December 21st, 2009 Comments off

3-4 months ago  I applied for the “Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer” program and then joined the military. But a month ago, I got a message from Google to get qualified 🙂 The program is working on Moodle and there are 4 parts to get points.  The details are as follows :

There are also other fields at “Qualified Developer Program” such as Geo 3D or KML.  The main idea of the program is to show your developer skills but not in ordinary way. Other programs usually need to take an exam and pass it, but Google follow a different way to qualify.  You get points from “Application Development” (1000 pt), “Community Participation” (1000 pt),  “References” (1000 pt) and “Qualification Exam” (2000 pt). As it is seen, there are 5000 points and you must get 3000 points at least to get qualified. So that, if you are an active developer you can get qualified without taking the exam.

Anyway, last week I took the exam, get my missing points and get qualified as a “JS Maps API Developer” 🙂 You can see all the qualified developers at By the way, I’m the first “Google Qualified Javascript Maps Developer” in Turkey 😀 and hope to see other Turks as a Maps Developer.

After 3 Months

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

This is my second blog entry after 3 months. (The first one is The Presentations I Gave Until Now) I finally have an internet connection to learn what’s going on in normal life. I have been a soldier for more than 3 months and I still have 52 days to finish my military service.

I just started looking new job opportunities to make a fresh start after finish of my military service. If you have any suggestions or offers, please feel free to contact me via (alper {[att]} geowebdeveloper {[dooot]} com ) By the way, I don’t have any limits for the city that I’ll work.

If you are curious about what I’m doing now, let’s say that I’m doing similar things what I’ve been doing in my normal life. I’m coding web applications (without geo parts) with ASP.NET and C#.

See you until I find a chance to connect internet.


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I’m away for 6 months

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

Hey everybody,

I will be away from computers, internet and my ordinary life for 6 months due to joining Turkish Air Forces. Some of you may know that military service is obligatory for Turkish Men in Turkey and now it is my turn to finish my duty 🙂 There is also possibility to have a computer related job in army and be connected.

Anyway, please do not wonder about me, see you next year 😀

Bye Bye…

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A Classic : Wish List / Predictions for Year 2009

January 6th, 2009 Comments off

Previous year -2008- is very active in the mean of GeoWeb. The previous post, “Thoughts about previous year, 2008“, is about the new technologies or services published in 2008.  What about the new year 2009 for the Geoweb?

There are classic posts about the predictions or wish lists appear on blogs and I want to do same 🙂

Wish list/Predictions For Web and Geoweb in 2009 :

  • Google App Engine releases GIS extension for BigTable,
  • Google App Engine adds PHP/Ruby/Perl support for Apps
  • Google App Engine releases a desktop application to transfer data between data formats or servers
  • Google Maps adds Street View for Turkey
  • Google Maps adds Driving Directions for Turkey
  • ESRI releases the Offline Maps for ArcGIS Server
  • GMail adds Offline support
  • Community/ESRI adds ArcGIS Server API/support for OpenLayers (there are some possibilities from community, but not a fully supported)

These are my wishes or predictions about the Web or Geoweb in 2009, I would like to hear yours if any 🙂

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Thoughts about previous year, 2008

January 6th, 2009 Comments off

As I mentioned at my previous post, I haven’t blogging for almost a year and a half. Let me define the meaning of previous year :

•    A year to think about what to do
•    A year to make big changes in my life
•    A year to decide to take risks or not
•    A year to welcome Google Maps Flex/Flash API
•    A year to welcome Google Earth Browser API
•    A year to welcome ArcGIS Server 9.3
•    A year to welcome ESRI REST Services and ESRI ArcGIS Server JavaScript APIs
•    A year to start working with OpenLayers

Hmmm, it seems there are lots of changes both in my life and geo web.

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Hello world!

January 6th, 2009 Comments off

After a year and a half from stop blogging, I decided to restart my new blog which is more related to GEO issues as it is seen from the domain name . 😀

This is my first post and lets start with “Hello World!” in PHP.

<?php echo “Hello World!”; ?>

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