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Lets looked at the wishes/predictions for 2009 and results

December 24th, 2009 Comments off

Last year, I wrote a blog entry about the wishes/predictions for 2009. Before doing the same thing for 2010, I want to check the results 🙂 Lets do it :

Wish list/Predictions For Web and Geoweb in 2009 :

  • Google App Engine releases GIS extension for BigTable (NO)
  • Google App Engine adds PHP/Ruby/Perl support for Apps (Partial YES -> Java added 🙂 )
  • Google App Engine releases a desktop application to transfer data between data formats or servers (NO)
  • Google Maps adds Street View for Turkey (Not yet)
  • Google Maps adds Driving Directions for Turkey (a big YEEES)
  • ESRI releases the Offline Maps for ArcGIS Server (NO)
  • GMail adds Offline support (a big YEEES)
  • Community/ESRI adds ArcGIS Server API/support for OpenLayers (there are some possibilities from community, but not a fully supported) (YES, support come from community)

Result 4 NO,  3 YES and a partial YES. As a result, I’m not a good fortune teller 😀

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Becoming a “Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer”

December 21st, 2009 Comments off

3-4 months ago  I applied for the “Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer” program and then joined the military. But a month ago, I got a message from Google to get qualified 🙂 The program is working on Moodle and there are 4 parts to get points.  The details are as follows :

There are also other fields at “Qualified Developer Program” such as Geo 3D or KML.  The main idea of the program is to show your developer skills but not in ordinary way. Other programs usually need to take an exam and pass it, but Google follow a different way to qualify.  You get points from “Application Development” (1000 pt), “Community Participation” (1000 pt),  “References” (1000 pt) and “Qualification Exam” (2000 pt). As it is seen, there are 5000 points and you must get 3000 points at least to get qualified. So that, if you are an active developer you can get qualified without taking the exam.

Anyway, last week I took the exam, get my missing points and get qualified as a “JS Maps API Developer” 🙂 You can see all the qualified developers at By the way, I’m the first “Google Qualified Javascript Maps Developer” in Turkey 😀 and hope to see other Turks as a Maps Developer.