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Google IO and Geo – Day 1

May 20th, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of Google IO and there are some news about the geo products. The main theme of the conference is about Web and HTML5. This conference makes me sure about the future is on the Web and HTML5.

I haven’t still watch the geo sessions but the blog posts gave us a good news.

The most important and surprising news is the depreciation of Google Maps JS API V2. Google Maps JS API V3 is the new KING 😀 V3 has been evolving day by day with the support of polylines, polygons, driving directions and KML. Today StreetView support is also added to V3, but this time it is fully based on HTML instead of Flash due to mobile accessibility. This is matching with the theme of conference.

V2 will be still supported by Google at least three years, but I should move to V3 as soon as possible to learn the new capabilities.

There is also announcements of Directions Web Service and Nearby Places Widget. There is still one more day and we are looking for the new announcements, especially the Android Update 2.2 aka Froyo 🙂

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