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I’m back…

February 22nd, 2010 Comments off

After 6 months of military service, I’m back to my normal life. Especially I came back a month ago, but it takes time to get used to normal life 🙂

Anyway, military service was a big burden on my shoulders and now it is over. What about the future plans?

For now I’m planning a trip to USA for a job interview and I may change my continent within next months.

I also started to refresh my brain to get new version of Ext JS to improve ExtMap. Yes, you read correctly, I’ll continue to develop ExtMap, but this time, I will try a different way.  During my military service period, I saw some geo web applications which partially/completely uses ExtMap Framework, but they deleted credits part and sold it to their customers. I can’t understand why people are doing such things. I don’t want any money from them, just credits page.  Anyway, I’m working on that problem.

I have also plans to work on Google App Engine both for the web and geoweb, but I need time to understand the new approach to write applications on No-SQL platform. This approach may shape the scalibility of future web applications.

As a result, I’ll make a fresh start in my life and this gonna be awe…. (wait for it)….someeeeee 😀

PS : Thanks to Barney Stinson for his great catchphrases

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Presentations I Gave Until Now

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

This post is related to presentations and workshops that I gave until now.  All of them is related to Geo issues such as Google Maps API, Google App Engine, ArcGIS Server and its APIs, Arc2Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth (aka Bing Maps).

  • Life Cycle of Mashups at DSI – Ankara / Turkey – 29 May 2009 (Turkish) (Presentation)
  • Enterprise Mashups in the Clouds – Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates – 28 Apr 2009 (Presentation)
  • Google Maps and Enterprise Mashup Development (Workshop) – Ankara / Turkey – 21 Dec 2008 (Turkish) (Presentation Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4)
  • Developing Web Based GIS Applications from the Google Maps Approach  – Ankara / Turkey – 21 Nov 2008 (Turkish) (Presentation)
  • (ESRI European User Conf.) Developing Hydrology Mashups with ArcGIS Server 9.3 – London / UK – 30 Oct 2008 (Presentation)
  • Developing Web Based GIS Applications with “Google Maps” or “Microsoft Virtual Earth – Trabzon / Turkey – 31 Oct 2007  (Turkish) (Presentation) (Paper)
  • (ESRI European User Conf.) Web-based Water Information System Using GIS in Turkey – Stockholm / Sweden – 28 Sep 2007  (Presentation)

ExtMap website is opened…

June 24th, 2009 Comments off

I have been working on ExtMap (previously known as Summit ExtMap)  versions and its website. Today I ‘m proud of announcing the three versions of ExtMap and its website. As it is stated, I changed the name of project from Summit ExtMap to ExtMap and the versions are as follows:

  • ExtMap JS (ExtJS, Google Maps API and ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API)
  • ExtMap REST (ExtJS, Google Maps API and ArcGIS Server REST API)
  • ExtMap OL (ExtJS and OpenLayers)

JS ve REST versions are mostly the same as Summit ExtMap, but OL version has some missing features which will be done soon. The website of ExtMap is also available as

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or suggestions related to ExtMap.

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Ext Core is announced!

April 6th, 2009 No comments

Good news for Ext Fans, according to post on Ext JS Blog :

As we approach the three year anniversary of the initial release of Ext, the Ext Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Ext Core 3.0 beta for download. Ext Core provides a cross-browser consistent API for performing the most common tasks in JavaScript development for web pages. Ext Core is released under a permissive MIT license – there is no cost to use Ext Core – it’s free for everyone.

Ext is mainly focused on desktop like applications on web and its file size is bigger than other libraries, but this file size has various advantages to make an desktop like application. My example for this kind of application is the “Summit ExtMap“. “Summit ExtMap” is a primitive web version of ArcView.  If you want to make much more simple application with Ext, it was very hard but now it is very easy with the help of Ext Core.

I’ getting a fan boy of Ext JS day by day 🙂


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