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I’m back…

February 22nd, 2010

After 6 months of military service, I’m back to my normal life. Especially I came back a month ago, but it takes time to get used to normal life 🙂

Anyway, military service was a big burden on my shoulders and now it is over. What about the future plans?

For now I’m planning a trip to USA for a job interview and I may change my continent within next months.

I also started to refresh my brain to get new version of Ext JS to improve ExtMap. Yes, you read correctly, I’ll continue to develop ExtMap, but this time, I will try a different way.  During my military service period, I saw some geo web applications which partially/completely uses ExtMap Framework, but they deleted credits part and sold it to their customers. I can’t understand why people are doing such things. I don’t want any money from them, just credits page.  Anyway, I’m working on that problem.

I have also plans to work on Google App Engine both for the web and geoweb, but I need time to understand the new approach to write applications on No-SQL platform. This approach may shape the scalibility of future web applications.

As a result, I’ll make a fresh start in my life and this gonna be awe…. (wait for it)….someeeeee 😀

PS : Thanks to Barney Stinson for his great catchphrases

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