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ESRI Mashup Challenge 2010 Nominees

March 9th, 2010

Today I read the twit of Dave and found the ESRI Mashup Challenge 2010 lists of nominees on Youtube. I watched almost all of the entries and I’m impressed about the evolution of mashups. It is very great to see different kind of APIs as : ESRI APIs, Google Maps APIs, Bing Maps APIs, Facebook API, Twitter API, Youtube API.

Also it is very surprising that Silverlight, a very new technology, is becoming more popular.  Mashups based on Silverlight are more showy than others, but it is still a plugin based technology which I didn’t like these kind of technologies even I have to use it in some of my projects.

And what about my candidate to win. I know there are different aspects of selecting the winner, but I will select the technology side to choose my candidate. It is using Silverlight technology and it has ability to add & edit data. Anyway, my candidate is “GIS Editor – Silverlight API“.

Good luck for all nominees.

PS : There is also a nominee using ExtMap Framework even though they erased my license 🙂

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