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2nd Book Review – Interactive Map designs with Leaflet JS Library How-to

July 23rd, 2013

Again, it has been a long time since my last post. I’ve been quite busy with different projects so I can’t find any time to write on the blog. If you are wondering about my projects then you should wait for it ­čÖé But I can give you a spoiler about one project : I’m also writing a book about Geo Stuff ­čśë

Anyway, last week Packt Publishing contact me about a book review and I’ll accept it due to its length. It is shorter than a book and it can be called as a starting guide. These series are Packt Publishing’s new series which are ┬ápublishing as an e-book or print. As it is stated in the book, the series are “Short, Fast and Focused”.

The book is written by Jonathan Derrough, who is also minor contributor to Leaflet library.

The book is composed of 52 pages and 7 small how-to chapters. You can access contents below :

  • Getting started with Leaflet (Simple)
  • Using Leaflet on mobile (Simple)
  • Creating markers with popups and handling events (Intermediate)
  • Creating layers and layer groups (Intermediate)
  • Using Leaflet map controls (Intermediate)
  • Using GeoJSON to create stylish map objects (Intermediate)
  • Designing interactive choropleth maps (Advanced)

As it is seen from the contents, book is for everyone in geo development. There are different topics according to their levels. Each chapter is complete within itself. You can easily learn what’s going on and what’s behind the code when you are reading.

If you want to dive in geo development with Leaflet and don’t want to read hundred pages books, this book is for you. It just makes a good start with its background.

As I wrote on previous book review, please buy the book to support writer instead of downloading the illegal copies. This will courage more people to write this kind of books to support Open Source projects like Leaflet.

PS : You can get book from these sellers :


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