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ESRI Mashup Challenge 2010 Nominees

March 9th, 2010 Comments off

Today I read the twit of Dave and found the ESRI Mashup Challenge 2010 lists of nominees on Youtube. I watched almost all of the entries and I’m impressed about the evolution of mashups. It is very great to see different kind of APIs as : ESRI APIs, Google Maps APIs, Bing Maps APIs, Facebook API, Twitter API, Youtube API.

Also it is very surprising that Silverlight, a very new technology, is becoming more popular.  Mashups based on Silverlight are more showy than others, but it is still a plugin based technology which I didn’t like these kind of technologies even I have to use it in some of my projects.

And what about my candidate to win. I know there are different aspects of selecting the winner, but I will select the technology side to choose my candidate. It is using Silverlight technology and it has ability to add & edit data. Anyway, my candidate is “GIS Editor – Silverlight API“.

Good luck for all nominees.

PS : There is also a nominee using ExtMap Framework even though they erased my license 🙂

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Presentations I Gave Until Now

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

This post is related to presentations and workshops that I gave until now.  All of them is related to Geo issues such as Google Maps API, Google App Engine, ArcGIS Server and its APIs, Arc2Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth (aka Bing Maps).

  • Life Cycle of Mashups at DSI – Ankara / Turkey – 29 May 2009 (Turkish) (Presentation)
  • Enterprise Mashups in the Clouds – Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates – 28 Apr 2009 (Presentation)
  • Google Maps and Enterprise Mashup Development (Workshop) – Ankara / Turkey – 21 Dec 2008 (Turkish) (Presentation Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4)
  • Developing Web Based GIS Applications from the Google Maps Approach  – Ankara / Turkey – 21 Nov 2008 (Turkish) (Presentation)
  • (ESRI European User Conf.) Developing Hydrology Mashups with ArcGIS Server 9.3 – London / UK – 30 Oct 2008 (Presentation)
  • Developing Web Based GIS Applications with “Google Maps” or “Microsoft Virtual Earth – Trabzon / Turkey – 31 Oct 2007  (Turkish) (Presentation) (Paper)
  • (ESRI European User Conf.) Web-based Water Information System Using GIS in Turkey – Stockholm / Sweden – 28 Sep 2007  (Presentation)

Thank you for your votes

April 6th, 2009 Comments off

Please forgive me about this late post. I want to thanks everyone who voted for me at ESRI Developer Summit Mashup Challenge.  I hope all you like the “Summit ExtMap” mashup framework and use it in your projects.

The reason for this late post is “Summit ExtMap“, because I still working on framework to add some new features. The coming release will be seperated to 3 different versions as

  • Summit ExtMap (for ArcGIS JS API Extension for Google Maps)
  • Summit ExtMapRest (without ArcGIS JS API, works only with ArcGIS REST API and Google Maps API)
  • ExtOL (Ext JS with OpenLayers supporting ArcGIS REST API)

You can choose the version suited for you. Please do not hesitate to ask for questions, new features and bugs.


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